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Welcome to SML's, where you can find all of your favorite SML videos, created by the one and only SuperMarioLogan! From hilarious skits to action-packed adve...Watch Jeffy's hilarious adventures as he joins a ninja clan in Minecraft! Inspired by popular SML and Roblox videos, this is a must-see for Jeffy fans!

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Joseph Hisfriendfromschool is a main character in the SML series and was a homeless student at Y U DUMB? Elementary School who is best friends with Bowser Junior and Cody and the adopted son of Hank and Suzanne Huckerdoo.Joseph spends most of his days at Junior's house due to being close friends and because he used to be homeless. …"Jeffy The Dealer!" is the 958th episode of SML Movies. Jeffy is selling his toys! Junior and his friends decide to go to a bowling alley so they can eat their cheese sticks. However, Jeffy realizes he has no money and Marvin doesn’t give him any, suggesting to sell his old toys. Jeffy gathers a bottle of Coca-Cola and a magic 8-ball, pouring the Coca-Cola inside the ball and taking it to a ...The Jeffy Game. The Jeffy Game is an outrageously fun 2D platformer where you play as Jeffy and embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Defeat the evil green beans, collect the cereal boxes, and discover hidden surprises! Now available on Steam! Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as ignored.Jeffy and Junior want to get their candy back!http://www.smlmerch.comAll credit to Logan and his crew! Out The SML Store at https://smlmerch.comReceive a Special Message from Your Favorite SML Character! @La...Synopsis. Jeffy goes to summer camp! Plot. The episode starts with Jeffy playing with a megaphone. Jeffy starts to yell in Marvin's ear, with the megaphone, then Marvin tells …Mar 4, 2024 ... WE REACT TO JEFFY THE EXPLORER! loses his hand and becomes a pirate!http://www.smlmerch.comJeffy passes out candy!http://www.smlmerch.comJeffy & Friends The Video Game. The Original version by saadazazgamerbendy; Charleyyy & Friends The Video Game V2 by Gypsy_18; Jeffy & Friends The Video Game by saadazazgamerbendy; Charleyyy & Friends The Video Game Mobile Version by TobyRobloxgames; Charley & no one me mix by thebestmorgan; Waluigi & Friends; …Mar 22, 2023 · Jeffy is a REAL FORTNITE NINJA!!!Join this channel to get access to perks: TO FRIENDS!h... "Jeffy's Fun Day!" (formerly titled: "SuperMarioLogan the Movie!") is the 287th video of SML Movies and the 2017 April Fools' Day special. and the longest SML Video. It is here! SuperMarioLogan The Movie!! A full hour long SML Movie! APRIL FOOLS 2017! Originally titled SuperMarioLogan the Movie! This video has triggered over 20,000 people! The video starts with Jeffy spanking his diaper on the ...Jeffy and Junior sneak to Disney World! AND Cody's back!http://www.smlmerch.comCHECK OUT THE SML STORE! thank them for allowing fans to make channels of their characters we wouldn't be able to do any of this without their support!https:...7 years ago. Jeffy Central. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD. This is "SML - Jeffy's Tantrum" by Jeffy Central on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.Here's the animation I made that was featured in SML Movie: Jeffy's Lie! SML:"Jeffy The Lawyer!" is the 948th episode of SML Movie Jeffy gets a friend! Jeffy breaks the 4th wall by saying that the title of the video is "Jeffy Gets Framed!" after his friends frame him, and by telling the viewers to leave a like and subscribe if there were two vases. Marvin later does the same thing. Junior's character takes yet another blow as he has said that human ashes are caused by serious smoking … "Jeffy's Doll!" is the 900th episode Today SpongeBob is taking on EVERY SECURE HOUSE EVER!SpongeBob:'s SpongeBob: Status: Friends (enemies originally) Jeffy [] Bowser Junior met Jeffy for the first time in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3. At first, Junior thought Jeffy was weird but overtime, the two bond and start a strong relationship. In recent videos, Junior and Jeffy go on adventures, play together more frequently and even do criminal activity together. Jeffy has a yard sale to make money!

Junior finds a new friend!http://www.smlmerch.comIf you see Jeffy's SML friend JR Joseph and Cody run away fast! I played with Jeffy and his friends in among us and I summoned Jeffy the imposter. Watch me p...Jeffy turns into a Lego! Thanks for Watching!————————————————————— Video Idea By: @SMLYTPMovies ...Junior finds a new friend!http://www.smlmerch.comJeffy Finds Smurf Cat!!!!11!!!!!1!!!Become A Member To Gain Lots Of Perks:🛑IF YOU ENJOYED THE V...

Jeffy and his friends play FORTNITE!-=-Thank you for watching! Make sure to subscribe and help us hit 800,000 Subs!!!JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER: https://discord....Jeffy LEAVES His Friends In Minecraft!Our channel is inspired by Maizen, Nico, Cash, GEVidsTV, Jeffy Minecraft, Jamesy, MongoTV, Wudo, and Omziscool! This is...Available for Windows. Installation Instructions: 1. Find the installer in your "Downloads" folder.…

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Today In Roblox I'm going to be pranking my best friend Jeffy as a CRAZY FAN GIRL! watch to the end when i show him that I'm actually Junior. his reaction i...Watch iShowSpeed and Jeffy have hilarious adventures in Minecraft! They build, fight, and prank each other in this funny video. You won't want to miss their reactions and jokes. Subscribe to ...Jeffy gets a pen pal!

"Jeffy's Birthday Surprise!" is the 397th episode of SML Movies. It is Jeffy's 14th birthday! The same birthday as Brooklyn T. Guy! The video starts out with Jeffy arriving on the red couch that Mario is watching TV on, wearing the same birthday hat that he wore the previous year. He then asks Mario if he knows what day it is, and Mario responds that he doesn't. Jeffy then explains to him that ..."Bowser Junior's Stinky Friend!" is the 498th episode of SML Movies. Bowser Junior finds a new friend! Chef Pee Pee is cooking dinner presumably under Bowser's orders. But when Bowser Junior comes in and tells Chef Pee Pee that the dinner is burnt, Junior asks Chef Pee Pee for a bowl of cereal that Chef Pee Pee sets on fire. Junior then asks Chef Pee Pee to get himself a Happy Meal. After Chef ...Jeffy gets some new friends who aren't too nice! TBA Jeffy Marvin Rose Steve Stalboerger Junior Joseph Cody Jackie Chu Craig The Devil Chef Pee Pee Poop 1 Poop 2 Golden Poop. Jeffy's Crappy Friends! is an episode of SML Parodies for Brett McLaughlin also known as SMLYTP. Jeffy gets some new friends who aren't too nice!

SML Merch! Get the Jeffy Puppet here: http:// Jeffy and his family have a hilarious adventure at Disney, where they meet Minnie, Mickey and other characters. Watch this funny SML movie and see what happens when Jeffy goes to Disney!May 30, 2022 ... SML Movie: Jeffy's Friend! 3K views · 1 year ago ...more. Super Mario Logan. 423. Subscribe. 18. Share. Save. Jul 15, 2023 · Jeffy is a judge!http://wJun 2, 2020 ... Jeffy and Bowser Junior through a pool part Jeffy goes to summer camp! Jeffy, Bowser Junior and Morty all play Hide and Seek to de Join Our Discord! Channel: Channel: Oct 18, 2020 ... Comments27 · SML PUPPET CLOSET UPDATE!!! &miTODAY Jeffy has a JEFFY ONLY family in RGO SUBSCRIBE TO NICKTENDO FOR THE ANIMATION:https:/ Jeffy loses his hand and becomes a pirate!http://www.smlmerch.comI play Friday Night Funkin mods. Poppy's Playtime vs FNFBecome a member to get exclusive access to perks! Your Charming Merch Today... "Jeffy's Daughter!" is the 924th episode of Jeffy's friends then arrive to the birthday party and talk about everything Jeffy can do because he is now 18 years old. Patrick then talks about regarding that he wants to own a gun, and Cody then threatens to run away from him when he turns 18. The white van saying "FREE CANDY" then arrives to the SML house.Status: Friends (enemies originally) Jeffy [] Bowser Junior met Jeffy for the first time in Bowser Junior's Game Night 3. At first, Junior thought Jeffy was weird but overtime, the two bond and start a strong relationship. In recent videos, Junior and Jeffy go on adventures, play together more frequently and even do criminal activity together. "Jeffy's Imaginary Friend!" is the 420t[Jeffy gets a friend!http://www.smlmerch.comJeffy goes swimming in the ocean!http://w Welcome to the official SML channel!We will be uploading original content every week!GO BUY SOME MERCH: http://www.smlmerch.comSML Movie: Jeffy's Disney Trip! Behind the Scenes and Original Video! | Side by Side! PART 2! Hope You Enjoy The Video! : - ]